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13"X4" Blonde Lace Frontal


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13"X4" Blonde Lace Frontal Body Wave
13"X4" Blonde Lace Frontal Straight

13″x4″ BLONDE Lace Frontal
13″x4″ Lace Parting Space on Transparent Lace

Our 13"x4 Blonde Lace Frontals are cut from a single donor and are vetted to the highest possible standards to make sure we give our clients the best we have to offer. Our human hair Blonde Lace Frontals are handpicked and handcrafted to make sure they will last you as long as 24 months as long as you take proper care of it.

** All hair sitewide can be dyed, cut, chemically processed and restyled including heating styling to fit whatever look you’re looking for. Treat this hair like you would your own. **

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